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    What Type Of Materials Do You Use?

    We take great pride in designing and creating our vegan wrap bracelets that can also be worn as necklaces. Each wrap is handmade to order in our studio located in sunny and sandy Palm Beach, Florida.

    We believe that fashion should be fun - not fatal. We refuse to use leather to string our wraps as it is mainly sourced from other countries such as China and India, not to mention the production of leather is harmful to the environment, harmful to the tannery workers, and fatal to the animals that are killed merely for their skins and hides.

    Instead we use chemical free, hand dyed waxed organic cotton cord which is braided in America. Organic cotton cord is an excellent alternative to leather as it looks like leather and is stronger than leather. More importantly, it is biodegradable and vegan. When waxing the cords to prevent them from fraying, we use candelilla wax which is certified vegan.

    What is the difference in "organic" cotton and "standard" cotton, you ask? Well, organic cotton crops do not use harmful chemicals like synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Some of these chemicals are considered to be the most toxic in the world. As a result, organic cotton crops do not poison the water, soil, or air, and are even beneficial to the environment. Cotton workers on organic cotton farms are spared from serious health problems caused by chemicals in cotton farming. Since toxic substances are not used in the manufacturing process, the end products are "residue free." Another plus is that organic cotton only takes about ten percent of the water that standard cotton uses to grow it. So “yay” for organic cotton!

    We also use high quality, lead free metals in all of our designs such as sterling silver, recycled silver, 14k gold, and 14k gold filled. Our metals are never plated, as the plating process is toxic to humans, harmful to the environment, and quite simply the plating wears away very quickly. Semi-precious gemstones, genuine diamonds, cubic zirconia, Swarovski® crystals, and Swarovski® crystal pearls are incorporated to add that extra pop and uniqueness! Even though we use high quality metals, which can be expensive, it is equally important to maintain affordable prices for our customers.

    How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

    For domestic orders, please allow 7-12 days for the production and shipment of your customized piece with a transit time of 2-3 business days. If it is a rush order, the production to shipment time frame is 3-5 days, with a transit time of 1-2 business days. During the busy seasons (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) it may take a little longer.

    If you have a special occasion deadline, i.e. birthday, anniversary, please let us know in the Shopping Cart "Special Instructions" box when you place your order.

    How Do I Determine My Bracelet or Anklet Size?

    To determine your bracelet size, use a tape measure or piece of string to wrap around the wrist on which you plan to wear your bracelet. Wrap the tape measure or string just above the wrist bone. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0 or place the string against a ruler. This will correctly determine your wrist size. Make sure there is no slack and is snug. This will enable us to make a bracelet that will fit somewhat loose and comfortably.

    Wrist Size:

    XPetite fits wrist sizes 5” - 5.25”
    Petite fits wrist sizes 5.25” - 5.5”
    XXXSmall fits wrist sizes 5.5” - 5.75”
    XXSmall fits wrist sizes 5.75” - 6”
    XSmall fits wrist sizes 6” - 6.25”
    Small fits wrist sizes 6.25" - 6.5"
    Medium/Small fits wrist sizes 6.5” - 6.75”
    Medium fits wrist sizes 6.75” - 7”
    Medium/Large fits wrist sizes 7” - 7.25”
    Large fits wrist sizes 7.25” - 7.5"
    XLarge fits wrist sizes 7.5” - 7.75”
    XXLarge fits wrist sizes 7.75” - 8”
    XXXLarge fits wrist sizes 8” - 8.25”

    To determine your anklet size, use a tape measure or piece of string in the same manner only measure just below your ankle bone. If you want your anklet loose and not snug, order the next larger size. 

    Ankle Size: 

    Petite fits ankle size 8.5"
    Small fits ankle size 9"
    Medium fits ankle size 9.5"
    Large fits ankle size 10"
    XLarge fits ankle size 10.5"
    XXLarge fits ankle size 11"
    XXXLarge fits ankle size 11.5"

    What Is Your Exchange And Return Policy?

    Since our wrap bracelets and anklets are custom made to order, we unfortunately are unable to offer refunds. We are also unable to offer refunds on personalized jewelry. However, if we have made an error or mistake with customization or personalization, please contact us at support@zoeandbelle.com within 15 days of receipt and we will fix the problem immediately. We want you to be happy and always strive to meet the expectations and full satisfaction of every customer.

    All other jewelry may be exchanged or returned within 15 days. An item must be returned in its original unworn, unused condition; otherwise we will not accept and a refund will not be provided. The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges. Your return will ship to you 3-5 days after the package is received. We will send you an email notification with a tracking number once your item has shipped. Please contact us at support@zoeandbelle.com to initiate the return process.  

    What Are Your Shipping Charges Within The US?

    We provide Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping within the contiguous US, including Alaska and Hawaii. All shipments include tracking and insurance.

    Do You Ship Internationally?

    Yes, we ship worldwide and provide an international shipping option at checkout. There is an international rush shipping option as well for an additional fee. The extra fee guarantees that your order will leave our studio within 3-5 business days and arrive at its destination within 3-5 business days. We are not responsible for delayed international shipping times or any customs fees that may be charged by your country. All shipments include tracking and insurance.

    Do You Charge Sales Tax?

    A 6% sales tax will be applied to all orders shipped within the State of Florida.

    What Types Of Payments Do You Accept?

    We accept major credit cards and debit cards through a secure server. Your card will be charged the full amount at the time of your purchase.

    We also accept e-checks and Paypal. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay via credit card through PayPal; however, you do need to have a PayPal account if you pay via e-check.

    **Please note that using an e-check can delay your jewelry by up to five (5) business days. Your order cannot be processed until the bank clears your check and PayPal releases the funds. If you have any questions or problems with checkout, please contact us at support@zoeandbelle.com.

    How Should I Care For My Jewelry?

    You can keep your jewelry in pristine condition for many years by following these tips:

    Wear your silver jewelry often. The oils in your skin will “clean” the silver and keep it looking shiny. You can also wear your 14k gold or 14k gold filled jewelry often as these metals hold up to every day wear quite well.

    On the other hand, exposure to chemicals can damage or tarnish precious metal, and may harm precious gemstones. Even everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, perfume, or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that permanently damage the surface of delicate or porous gemstones. There is a reason generations of women have been getting dressed with jewelry last, as a finishing touch.

    Contact with household chemicals, perspiration, rubber, chlorinated water, or any substances which contain sulfur, e.g., mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, latex, or wool, will cause corrosion and tarnish, so it is a good idea to remove your jewelry when doing household chores.

    Direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your jewelry before you go sunbathing and never leave it in a hot car. Keep your jewelry as clean and dry as possible so NO wearing it when swimming or in the shower. 

    Proper jewelry storage is often overlooked. Jewelry should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser. That is asking for scratches and damaged gemstones. When not wearing your jewelry, keep it stored in the velvet anti-tarnish bag that we have provided you or keep it in an airtight plastic bag with anti-tarnish strips, chalk, a packet of activated charcoal, or a container of silica gel which are all great preventative measures. Make sure that the pouch or bag is stored in a low humid place.

    While traveling, protect your jewelry from scratches and other impact damage by padding it in a separate box or case.

    When cleaning your silver jewelry, gently use a silver polishing cloth on the beads and charms only to remove any tarnish. DO NOT use a liquid silver cleaner since it will damage the cotton cord and the oxidized beads. It will also remove the black lettering on hand stamped charms and pendants.

    14k gold and 14k gold filled are usually life time products. They do not tarnish, de-laminate, or peel like "gold plated" or "gold dipped" products and do not tarnish as readily as silver. Many customers find that they never have to clean gold or gold filled jewelry at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from every day wear. To clean the gold or gold filled beads, gently wipe clean with a microfiber or soft cloth. Also, a microfiber or soft cloth should only be used on the gemstones to gently wipe away dust and dirt.



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