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    Most wrap bracelets on the market today are strung with leather cord, but at Zoe and Belle we want to break that trend because leather production is not only fatal to animals, it's harmful to humans and the environment.

    Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than one billion animals for their hides and skins all in the name of fashion. The animals are tortured, abused, and then horrifically and inhumanely slaughtered. If that isn’t disturbing enough, China, the world’s leading exporter of leather, annually skins an estimated two million stray and stolen dogs and cats per year with their skins being sold around the world to consumers who are unaware of where the leather came from or what it is made of. In essence, consumers could unknowingly be wearing someone’s family pet.

    And it doesn't stop there. Leather production has harmful effects on our planet and humans as well. The tannery waste contains large amounts of pollutants which penetrate the soil, water, and air. Most leather produced in the US and worldwide is chrome-tanned, and all wastes containing chromium are considered hazardous. Arsenic, along with formaldehyde, which is used to “finish” the leather has long been associated with lung cancer when people are exposed to it on a regular basis.

    Change in the world begins with all of us making simple changes in our own lives. Today there are so many vegan and eco-friendly alternatives to leather, that there is no excuse not to utilize them. By using organic, vegan material to string our wrap bracelets we feel that we are making a positive impact in the world; and hopefully through selling our designs, Zoe and Belle can help to raise awareness about the harmful and fatal effects of leather production, and that animals should simply be left out of the fashion equation. 



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