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    To determine your bracelet size, use a tape measure or piece of string to wrap around the wrist on which you plan to wear your bracelet. Wrap the tape measure or string just above the wrist bone. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0 or place the string against a ruler. This will correctly determine your wrist size. Make sure there is no slack and is snug. This will enable us to make a bracelet that will fit somewhat loose and comfortably.

    Wrist Size:

    Petite fits wrist sizes 5” - 5.25”
    XXSmall fits wrist sizes 5.25” - 5.5”
    XSmall fits wrist sizes 5.5” - 5.75”
    Small fits wrist sizes 5.75” - 6”
    Medium/Small fits wrist sizes 6” - 6.25”
    Medium fits wrist sizes 6.25” - 6.5”
    Medium/Large fits wrist sizes 6.5” - 6.75”
    Large fits wrist sizes 6.75” - 7”
    XLarge fits wrist sizes 7” - 7.25”
    XXLarge fits wrist sizes 7.25” - 7.75”
    XXXLarge fits wrist sizes 7.75” - 8”

    To determine your anklet size, use a tape measure or piece of string in the same manner only measure just below your ankle bone. If you want your anklet loose and not snug, order the next larger size. 


    Ankle Size: 

    Petite fits ankle size 8.5"
    Small fits ankle size 9"
    Medium fits ankle size 9.5"
    Large fits ankle size 10"
    XLarge fits ankle size 10.5"
    XXLarge fits ankle size 11"
    XXXLarge fits ankle size 11.5"



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